Inky Tales – Stories of the Philadelphia Inquirer

The Philadelphia Inquirer- the place where most Philadelphians dream of working or just being recognized.  It was not the place of dreams most people imagined, but the place of great division and hostility.  It was a place where working men tried to earn both honest and dishonest livings.  It was the place where journalists and reporters destroyed lives just to sell themselves in the world of writing- even at the Inquirers’ expense!  It was easy to tell the ‘haves’ (reporters and journalists) from the ‘have-nots’ (drivers, mailers and pressmen).  Yet, there was an eternal flow of articles about how poor people are being squashed by the rich.  At the Inquirer an Daily News, the very people writing and publishing these articles were the same ones committing these same acts against the blue collar workers there.

Set at the very height of the newspaper business in Philadelphia, and following its precipitous decline, the period of 1976 through 1990 was ripe with stories about the Philadelphia newspaper industry and Philadelphia culture in general.  Because the very people who were involved with these acts were the very people writing and ruining the lives of so many others, you probably never imagined this.  Get your copy of Inky Tales, and read what you were never told!