What the Inquirer Did Not Tell You!

The Philadelphia Inquirer – That Old White Maiden on North Broad Street where people dreamed about working or just being a participant.  In the height of the newspaper business, approximately 1976, the newspaper presses ran 24 hours a day printing and delivering all editions of the papers to the entire Delaware Valley, and the world.  But what most people did not know was the real story that occurred within the Eighteen Floors of that building now registered among the National Historic Buildings.

The journalists and reporters wrote a never ending series of tomes about injustice and discrimination in the Delaware Valley, and around the world.  No stone remained unturned where the righteous journalists described the oppression of the powerful against the powerless.  The big story that was never reported was the oppression by the journalists and reporters against the very people who worked within the Inquirer itself.  The people who where quick to destroy the lives of those with the perception of discrimination were the biggest hypocrites themselves.  At every turn, the reporters, journalists and photographers were almost at war with the blue collar trades, belittling them at every turn seemingly with a sick pleasure.  To an Inquirer Reporter or Journalist, ‘Black Lives Matter’ unless those Black Lives worked as a driver or mailer at the Inquirer.

Get your copy today and read about how the Philadelphia Inquirer imploded from within, along with many other interesting stories that are assured to keep you entertained.