Things that made the Philadelphia Inquirer a Very Strange Place!

Did You Know?

Many of the people that worked in Transportation and Production at the Philadelphia Inquirer were parolees?  It was the way that the former owner of the Inquirer and Daily News gave back to the community.  He hired any ex-offender that came looking for work, and without question.  Of course, consider that all these very interesting people now worked together again!  Let the stories begin…

The Reporters and Journalists at the Philadelphia Inquirer received so many awards because they had people ‘packaging’ their work?  Many times, what appeared to be mediocre articles or stories started to receive awards in journalistic circles.  The Inquirer and Daily News had a team of people who would select articles, ‘re-package them’, submit for awards and follow up to ensure there was maximum exposure in the media.  Was this a brilliant strategy, or journalistic malfeasance?

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